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Tend The Garden

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Tend The Garden is a game for mobile devices. Players have fun while learning about Native American history.

Screen Shots:

The game takes place in a small family farmstead where the player uses a flint hoe to weed a "three sisters garden" planted with corn, beans, and squash, while chasing away a flock of crows determined to steal as much corn as they can get their beaks on.

The player moves through the garden and swipes weeds to remove them, while trying not to trample the hills of corn, beans, and squash. The player has a certain amount of time to clear the weeds before they start to grow back.

If the crows steal more than 4 ears of corn or if more than 2 corn plants are trampled before all the weeds are removed, the player has to restart the level.

Historical Background:

Tend The Garden is set in what we now call the state of Tennessee, in the general area where the city of Nashville is located. Today the city is famous for its singing cowboys, but its Native American heritage stretches continuously back at least 12,000 years, to the last Ice Age when hunters pursued mammoth and mastodon along the Cumberland River.

Around 600 years ago, during a time archaeologists call the Late Mississippian period (named for the Mississippi River valley, where the culture originated about 900 AD) Nashville was a major metropolitan area populated by Native people living in small farms and villages as well as larger towns and ceremonial centers.

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